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About Game of Thrones Invest LTD

We are an advanced company that produces and sells products related to the Game of Thrones series.
Our holding consists of two companies, the first one was created in 2017 under the name Game of Thrones Investments Limited.
It was engaged in a full cycle of development of all products, finding a contractor to start production of finished products.
As you know, the Game of Thrones series is one of the most popular series in history.
According to experts, it has a huge fan base of 200 million people. We perceive them as potential customers of the holding.

For two years we have been actively developing our business, and when we saw the prospects for good growth, we decided that we need investments to scale the business model.
There are several reasons. First of all, fans who are sad that the series has ended want to have branded things with recognizable content.
Secondly, there are several spin-offs of the Game of Thrones launched now with a premiere date in 2021.
The new series is a new wave of popularization of the franchise and, as a result, the growth of sales of our products.

Why us?

We are an officially registered company of Game of Thrones Invest LTD with a confirmed ownership of the game-of-thrones.me website through a Comodo EV SSL certificate.

We produce high margin products that bring excellent returns to our investors.

The opportunity to take part in the GOTcoin token sale and become a shareholder of the company with dividends.

An excellent bonus program for active partners allowing you to make a career and increase income many times over.

How to start earning Game of Thrones Invest LTD?

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$500.00 - $15000.00


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2.50 %
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Road map

Development of new types of
products and launch into
production at the end of March.
March 2020
April 2020
Preparation for the launch of its
token determination
of the format and principle
of operation of token shares.
The first round of the sale
of token shares.
April 2020
May 2020
The implementation of dividend
payments to the owners of token
shares while they have not yet
received their token shares.
The second round
of the sale of token shares
with dividends until the issue.
May 2020
June 2020
Issue of token stocks
and transfer to investors.
Placement of GOTcoin on the
exchange with the free sale
Adding new payment systems
to the site such as
Visa / Mastercard
Google Pay, Apple Pay.
July 2020
August 2020
Launch of its own platform
for the sale of goods in the
format of Amazon and Alibaba.

The company's products can be bought for GOTcoin tokens, and for fiat money.
The launch of the platform, according to our estimates, will increase the company's turnover by 35 percent, and the absence of intermediaries will increase net profit before dividends are paid to investors by 42 percent.